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100% WAEC GCE 2017 Real (obj and essay chemistry)
Author: Mr. Dan
Posted on: 10:57:41 Tue, 19 Sep 2017


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Chemistry essay
chloride gas/carbon(II) oxide/sulphur(IV)oxide/nitrogen(IV) oxide

because they are poisonous/
have offensive smell
/are dangerous to health

(1) Fused Calcium chloride is used in the manufacturing of plastics
(2) Fused calcium chloride and the production of calcium salt. It is used in the production of concrete..
(3) Fused Calcium chloride accelerates the curing (drying) speed of poured concrete.

(i)the law of conversation of matter states matter can neither be created nor destroyed but can be changed from one form to another.

(i)gases move randomly in a straight line colliding with one another and to the volume of the container
(ii)the volume occupied by the gas molecules are highly negligible when compared to the volume of the container
(iii)the collision between gas molecules are perfectly elastic

(i)producer gas(mixture of Co and N2)
(ii)water gas(mixture of Co and H2)
(iii)H2O(g) + C(s) ----> CO(g) + H2(g)


(2ai) it's a group of atoms or type of bond possessed by certain organic compounds making them have some or similar chemical properties.

I. Ester
II. Ethyl ethanorate

(I). Unsaturated hydrocarbon
(II). Alkanol
(III). Alkanoic Acid

(i) Acidified KMnO4 turns from purple to colourless
(ii) A sweet smelling compound is produced
(iii) Effervescence occurs with colourless odourless gas that turns lime water milky being evolved

I. O
II. -1 and +1

I. 4H+ + No3— +3e— >NO + 2H2O
II. Mass/molar mass = It/πe— * 96500c
0.5/197 = 0.8*t/3*96500
t= 0.5*3*96500/197*0.8
t = 918.46s

(2di) Group 2
(II) X3N2
(III) Beryllium

A Standard Hydrogen Electrode (SHE) is an electrode that scientists use for reference on all half-cell potential reactions. It is a redox electrode which forms the basis or reference of thermodynamics scale of oxidation or reduction potential

Metals are good reducing agents because they readily loose the electron and have negative electrode

(i) Diamond and shinny appearance and glitter
(ii) It is the hardest substance known
(iii) All its valence electron are localised no free one

Chemical change:Is a change that produces new kind of matter and needs heat or spark to happen and is not reversible and is affected by change of mass

(i) Adding solution to water
(ii) Rusting of iron

Isotopes is the existence of an atom of an element having the same atomic number but different mass number(differences in neutron number)

A weak acid is one that does not ionized completely in water, a dilute acid is one with low concentration it can be weak acid or strong acid but has plenty of water

PH is the negative logarithm of hydrogen ion.It shows the degree of acidity or alkalinity of a solution PH=-log10[H+]

(i) It is poisonous to animals and plants
(ii) It causes acid rain


(i) By distillation
(ii) By adding preservatives such as sodium benzonoate


Q3(a)(i) Electrolytes are
substances in either the liquid or
molten state that can allow
current to pass through them
with decomposition (ii) Volume
of Cl2=?, Mass of K=7.8g, Quantity
of electricity, Q=96500*7.8/­
Anode reaction: 2Cl^-> Cl2 +2e
Therefore, Volume of
(b)(i) 1 The rate of the forward
reaction must be equal to the
rate of the backward reaction 2
The overall heat change must be
zero (ii) I The position of
equilibrium will shifts to the right
II The position will shifts to the
right because the concentration
of the reactant has been
(c) (i) CH3CH2CH=CH2 (ii)
(iii) CH3CH2CH2COOH (iv) answers
in c(ii)
(d) The trend in the boiling
points of the substances is as the
result of the stronger covalent
bonds and higher molecular

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